Interesting Take on the New Google App for iPad

Google dropped a new version of its search app for iPad recently, and TNW has an interesting take, i.e. this new app is a Chrome OS Trojan Horse.

I rarely use the Google Search iPad app, although past versions have showcased some very cool design patterns for iPad development. Not exactly sure why, but it just wasn’t top of mind.

This is exactly why the new version added in-app access to ton of Google’s other services (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, News, Google+, Reader, Photos, Maps, YouTube, Translate, Voice, Offers, Finance, Books and Blogger) in addition to search all within a native app.

And the app is slick. It uses animation thoughtfully and combines web views with just enough native controls to avoid feeling like just a wrapper for Safari. Including G+ is a nice to have for iPad too, given that there is no iPad-friendly version of G+ yet.

Plus, they call it Google now, dropping the Search, so that tells you a lot.

Love the intrigue. Your thoughts belong in the comments.




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