Speaking at Kscope 12

I’ve been accepted to speak at Kscope 12, the big ODTUG (@odtug) user group conference which is in San Antonio, June 24-28.

My session is called Extend Oracle WebCenter to Infinity and Beyond, and yes, you can expect lots of Toy Story references. The session is scheduled for Monday, June 25 from 4:15 to 5:15, so I’ll need to do something entertaining to keep people’s attention off dinner and drinks.

I’m hoping to get Chris Bales (@cbales) involved to talk about the WebCenter Spaces iPhone app his team built on top of the WebCenter REST APIs. We’ll see, since I think I’ve ambushed him a bit. Expect to see Noel (@noelportugal) too.

I’ve never been to San Antonio, so that will be a first. I do, however, know the Mayor, so maybe I’ll swing by City Hall and name-drop. Or not.

One bummer is that this year’s Google IO conflicts with Kscope. Google pushed the show back about a month this year and added a day. It’s now June 27-29, so I should be able to make both.

If you’re heading to Kscope this year, stay tuned for details about my session and the other WebCenter content planned for the show.

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