The History of SunSpace

Peter (@peterreiser), one of my fellow WebCenter evangelists, shares the history of SunSpace, Sun’s internal community/Enterprise 2.0/social site, over on his blog.

Sun was an early social adopter, and SunSpace was/is a very active community. I first met Peter a shortly after the Sun acquisition was announced. As social community managers, we shared tips and tricks, and we talked about adding his Community Equity layer to Connect. That never happened, since Connect has been a side project for several years, but Peter and I kept in touch.

I’m stoked to be working on the same team with Peter now, where we can pool our collective experiences with social in the enterprise and apply our knowledge to WebCenter.

Anyway, check out Peter’s tribute to SunSpace, and stay tuned for updates on how the community is progressing with WebCenter.



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