Social at Oracle Recap

In case you missed it, the WebCenter (@oraclewebcenter) blog has been featuring stories about Social at Oracle this week. These are five stories about how teams at Oracle use social for everyday work stuff; there are more that would be fun to read, and maybe someday, they’ll do another week or two.

Anyway, here’s a recap for posterity; hit the links for the full story.

The prequel to all this was Peter’s (@peterreiser) series on SunSpace, a tribute, the migration to WebCenter and today, the documentation for Community Equity, the reputation component of SunSpace. All worth a read. Sun did a lot with social, and Peter was the tip of the sword, running SunSpace.

Monday kicked off the week with the History of Oracle Connect, penned by yours truly. While Peter was spinning up SunSpace, we were chugging along with our own social tool inside the walls of Oracle. If you read here, you already know the story.

Tuesday, we heard from Christy Confetti Higgins about the Virtual Information Services (VIS) migration to WebCenter.

VIS provides employees with a portal where they can find technical journals (IEEE, ACM, etc.), eBooks, business journals (HBR, McKinsey Quarterly, etc.), company information, standards, book summaries, and you know, other stuff that’s needed for work. VIS uses their WebCenter portal to aggregate their other social channels, including their internal blog, their OraTweet feed and their Connect group activity.

Wednesday brought a post from Frank Bradley (@frankbradley), long-time friend of the ‘Lab, about the EMEA Social Networking and Business Collaboration Team (SNBC), an organization we’ve worked with since 2008. The SNBC is responsible for most of the traffic and long-term users of Connect; they have been the unofficial marketing arm of Connect for many years.

Thursday, Christy profiled how VIS uses OraTweet, the side project of our own Noel Portugal (@noelportugal). OraTweet is used across the company for daily communication, announcements, asynchronous messaging, broadcasting, publishing, etc. Over the nearly four years it’s been around, OraTweet has become an indispensable tool for getting work done.

Finally, today David Christopher, leader of the SNBC, shared a post about driving adoption of social tools. His advice, focus on the early adopters, and the rest will follow. He would know, given that he and Frank were preaching social back in late 2007, as early adopters of Connect. We’ve all been pounding the social drum at Oracle for nearly five years now, and I’m glad to see these stories coming to light.

Anyway, find the comments here if you like, or hit up the WebCenter blog and comment on the individual posts.



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