Find out What CMS a Site is Using

June 5th, 2012 9 Comments

Friend of the ‘Lab John Brunswick (@johnbrunswick) is on a roll this week. After providing a nice collection of WebCenter Sites resources earlier in the week, he posted a neat tool that will tell you what CMS a site is running, as well as what web analytics and social tools.

Check it out on his post.

It’s not a finished product, so he says. Your mileage may vary. Still, it’s pretty interesting.

Here’s what it says about his site and this one.

If you’re wondering, it can detect WebCenter Content and Sites CMS as well as Drupal and several others I’ve found.

Of course, this stuff can be found by pouring over the page source, but this is a nice and easy way to offload that work onto a tool.

Interesting stuff. Thanks to John for sharing. Feel free to hit his post with any comments.

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9 Responses to “Find out What CMS a Site is Using”

  1. Best Workout Songs Says:

  2. John Brunswick Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jake!
    It was a fun exercise putting it together.  It is meant as a technical proof of sorts, as it does not handle things like redirection once a session ID is appended to a URL.  Would be great to hear other people’s experiences, as I will periodically update and tune using a “fingerprint” file that stores the logic.

  3. Jake Says:

    It’s a great little tool, thanks for sharing it. You should put it on a page so it won’t get lost within your blog. If you want assistance, put the code up on Github so anyone can tinker. I’m sure there will be interested people.

  4. uvox Says:

    Very, very cool. Very, very useful. That is all. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gary Myers Says:

    For comparison, check out

  6. Jake Says:

    Hadn’t see that one, very complete and detailed. Thanks for sharing.

  7. joel garry Says:

     I put in and nothing was recognized.  I put in my own blogspot, and it said…wordpress. lol

  8. Jake Says:

    As John says, work in progress 🙂 Gary’s suggestion might work better.

  9. Elida Says:

    This is exactly the fourth article, of urs I really read through.
    Although I actually like this specific 1, “Find out What
    CMS a Site is Using | The AppsLab” the very best. All the best -Marina

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