Running EBS? You Better Turn off JRE Auto-Update, Like Now

Thanks to longtime Friend of the ‘Lab, Floyd Teter (@fteter) for passing along this urgent bulletin from Steven Chan.

If you’re using the E-Business Suite (EBS), you’d better turn off the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Auto-Update feature, like right now. I’ll wait.

But why, you say?

Turns out the JRE could be updated from the venerable 1.6 version to the latest and greatest 1.7 as soon as July 3. So, do it now so you won’t forget right before you disappear for Independence Day, or if you’re not living in the U.S. of A. at least check with your American counterparts to make sure they do so.

But why, you say?

JRE 1.7 hasn’t yet been fully certified with EBS, and to be clear, we’re talking about EBS versions 11i and higher, so really all of them. If you’re running Release 11, you’re probably not reading this because your browser doesn’t support CSS. I suppose you could have perfected time travel, and if so, welcome. Quick question, why are you reading this instead of, I don’t know, looking for Chrispin Glover at the Enchantment under the Sea dance?

Anyway, a few caveats. This update could take longer to drop, but it will definitely happen after September 7.

If you accidentally do upgrade to 1.7, there is a way to get back to 1.6. But how will you even know? You might not, but things may get a bit wonky. This is kinda the point of certification; Steven and his team do all the legwork for you.

Please read Steven’s post for more details and less humor. This is a big deal.




  1. I do not manage systems at the enterprise level, but I “manage” a cellphone, a netbook, and a desktop computer, and find that I’m inconsistent in how I handle auto-updates.
    I tell myself that I prefer to review all updates before installing them, but I allow Microsoft’s security updates to auto-install.
    If Microsoft ever gets hacked, my systems are toast.

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