Buy the Most Useless Box

July 19th, 2012 7 Comments

I’m stoked to report that the Most Useless Machine has been productized and can now be bought, in kit form, from Think Geek.

Here it is in action.

I wonder how hackable it is . . . Noel (@noelportugal) could do some interesting things with this.


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7 Responses to “Buy the Most Useless Box”

  1. Noel Portugal Says:

    I love it. I remember seeing the original model (before it was converted to a Think Geek product).

  2. Noel Portugal Says:

    Oh this is embarrassing. I just noticed you did blog about before!

  3. Jake Says:

    No worries, I don’t expect anyone to remember everything that I’ve blogged. I don’t. I wonder if we could do something interesting w one . . . .

  4. Sparrow Says:

    Out of stock :(

  5. uvox Says:

    the gift that keeps giving, eh?

  6. Jake Says:

    Too bad, congrats on your acquisition by Google btw :)

  7. Jake Says:

    Would be fun to mod this to harness all the frustration.

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