Smart Trashbox Catches Your Trash

So this happened. A Japanese modder created a trashcan that will move to catch objects you toss in the air.  An XBox Kinect is mounted to the wall to scan for moving objects, and when something flies, the can moves to catch it.

I still hope to get John Sim (@jrsim_uix) and Noel (@noelportugal) in a room to put their Kinect and maker chops together. Oh, the mad science that would come of that collaboration.

Love this stuff, h/t Ultan (@ultan) for sending this along.




  1. Ha! I’m on vacation and still reading this stuff! I recall there was a Silicon Valley CEO who used to throw things in board meetings. All sorts of business intelligence purposes for this one too… LOL. Yeah, let’s try and get some kinda hackathon thing going…. somewhere… sometime…

  2. I guess vacation is overrated 🙂 Depending on how the OOW event goes, we might do standalone hackathons in a couple strategic cities, will keep you posted.

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