Teaching to See

If you like design, typefaces and understanding why something is visually appealing, do yourself a favor and set aside 40 minutes to watch “Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See.”

At one point, Inge describes the written letter as “the memory of motion,” which caused me to stop and ponder. Writing is, in large part, muscle memory. I don’t write on paper as much as I used to, and now, my hand tires after a few sentences. I long ago lost the calluses caused by penning pages and pages of work for school.

Inge’s description made me wonder how technology has diminished the act of writing among younger people. Do schools even teach cursive writing anymore? Will writing on paper go the way of algebra as a school subject that everyone must take, but nearly no one will use in later life?

Anyway, food for thought. Oh, and a great 40-minute immersion in design thinking from one of the greats in that field.

h/t A 40-Minute Crash Course In Design Thinking | Co.Design: business + innovation + design



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