Friday Links

For your reading enjoyment today, over the weekend, or whenever, I give you some tidbits I found on the interwebs.

WebCenter goodies

To help you plan for mobile development, Friend of the ‘Lab John Brunswick (@johnbrunswick) has a detailed roundup of the various options for WebCenter: Mobile Development Platform Strategy Chart – ADF Mobile, WebCenter Sites, Portal, Content and Social, especially relevant given this week’s release of ADF Mobile.

Fishbowl Solutions (@fishbowle20) teased their soon-to-be-released WebCenter Real Time Chat integrations for Android, iOS and Blackberry. The UI looks familiar, so I’m guessing John Sim (@jrsim_uix) was heavily involved.

Wearable technology

The iPhone created this space, i.e. sensors you carry with you, and lots of companies are innovating with wearable technology, many using iOS devices as the hub for monitoring the data from these devices. Too bad most are pretty limited and closed for now, e.g. Noel (@noelportugal) has been wearing a Nike+ Fuelband since SXSW, but still no API, although they promised one.

I expect Google Glass to create integrations here.

Are Wearable Gadgets The Next Tech Revolution?

Life-logging for the masses? Memoto smashes Kickstarter goal on launch day

Life-logging is so not my thing, but a cheap, wearable camera definitely has some interesting uses.

The rest

Password Security The Right Way describes hashing and salting and why they matter if you’re storing credentials. On the other side of the equation, if you’re still not up for 1Password or another password vault, make sure to stay away from these passwords. More relevantly, do your part and keep your friends and family safe from the perils of lazy passwords.

Like art or not, this is cool: Hidden Picasso revealed by infrared imaging

Happy weekend.



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