I Guess It’s Video Friday

It’s Friday, so why not share some video? Doesn’t really make sense to me either, but sometimes the words just won’t flow.

Moving on, here are a couple interesting talks, one official TED, the other a TEDx, i.e. independently-produced. These two speakers are so different, it’s actually quite amazing that their ideas and messages actually dovetail.

Matt Ridley is a British scientist and academic, oh and a viscount. Rodney Mullen is an American skateboarder, former member of the famous Bones Brigade, skating pioneer and general innovator. It’s a bit eerie to watch as these two speakers migrate toward the same conclusion, i.e. ideas are better when combined and communities exchanging ideas make the overall good, better.

Check out Matt Ridley’s TED talk, “When Ideas Have Sex.”

Now watch Rodney Mullen’s TEDx talk at USC “How content shapes context.”

h/t to Jeremy for putting me on to Ridley’s talk and to Jason Fried for recommending Rodney’s.

Not-all-that-related, but I’m stoked to watch Stacy Peralta’s Bones Brigade. Having spent a lot of my youth falling off a board, I’ll watch pretty much any documentary about 80’s era skating or biking. Some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:




  1. Ah Context. We need to drag you along to one of our Oracle Usability Advisory Board meets. Todays in UK covered a range of stuff: mobile, voice, BYOD, NLP, gamification, iconography – enterprise apps and solutions: all shaped by context of use and changing expectations globally. It’s all happening man…

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