Monday News and Nuggets

Interest is temporal, so I knew my case of the blahs about content would quickly resolve, and the Mobile World Congress has certainly helped.

So, here are some nuggets I found interesting on a Monday.

Mobile News from MWC

LG buys webOS from HP, or some of it anyway, for smart TVs and maybe phones, and an interesting turn of events for webOS, even if LG isn’t sure what to do with the OS.

Samsung is merging parts of Tizen and Bada. That sentence sounds completely made-up, and as a fun experiment, I plan to say it in casual conversation, just for giggles.

Lots of details of Firefox OS, its apps and carriers, and its first phone, the ZTE Open are emerging, good stuff.

Google Glass Review from Joshua Topolsky

This is by far the most detailed review I’ve seen of Google Glass, covering form-factor, operation, data connectivity and usage details. Definitely worth a read.

Ultan (@ultan) and I are alike in seeing a ton of enterprise use cases for Glass, and hey, if you’re wearing them for work, you have an excuse for looking like a cyborg.

That’s what I used back when I carried a pager. “Oh, I have to carry this for work.” Translation, I’m a nerd hiding in the open.

One thing is certain, wearable computing is happening, and it’s going to unleash a torrent of privacy and security concerns.

The Over-Quantified Self

By way of Flowing Data, this story in Wired about one man’s over-quantification of his work and the implications and reasons why he does it is an interesting read. I’d like to know more about the sensors he’s using, and there’s an mashing of services collecting and documenting his actions. Philosophically, it’s scary, but inevitable that information work will eventually be quantified and subjected to efficiencies, just like every other major industry.

Power Tools Retrofitted for the Amish

This is a fascinating story about how the Amish want power tools, not powered by electricity.

And Finally, Missed Connections by State

This map shows the most common location of Craigslist’s Missed Connections by state. On the plus side, it’s probably a map if you’re looking for love. Let’s leave it at that.



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