Profit Magazine Showcases the Innovation Challenge in Mexico

Remember when I went to Mexico earlier this year? Remember the innovation challenge that combined Profit Magazine data with Endeca Information Discovery?

Well, it wasn’t by accident that Profit’s archive of articles dating back to 2005 was a component because Profit’s editor, Aaron Lazenby (@alazenby) was looking ahead to the August issue of Profit, which focuses on innovation. See what we did there.

The issue is out now, and therein you’ll find a photoessay documenting the Endeca-Profit innovation challenge. I don’t know how Aaron pared down the mountain of shots; the photographer was all over the office, contorting his body to get the shot he wanted. As the sun went down on the first day of the challenge, I remember him crouching in the rooms where people were working to catch the light of the sunset through the floor-to-ceiling windows to capture developers deep in thought. Dude was legit, and I’m sure he got scads of awesome shots.

So, why did we run an innovation challenge?

“The idea was to drive innovation,” says Jeremy Ashley, vice president of Oracle Applications User Experience. “Now, we’ll see if we can turn some of this work into an Oracle product.”

Check it out to get a feel for the two-day event, a peek into the Guadalajara Oracle office, pictures of the winning team and to see our fearless leader, Jeremy Ashley, rocking a sombrero.



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