Stephen Hawking’s Party for Time Travellers

This is just plain awesome. From

Steven Hawking came up with a simple and clever way of seeing if time travel is possible. On June 28, 2009, he threw a party for time travellers from the future…but didn’t advertise it until after the party was already over.

Usually, I’d be all over this type of story, but it somehow escaped my attention. Tracing the coverage, Ars mentioned this party last year but before that, this Hawking piece in The Daily Mail in 2010 seems to be the first mention of this time travel party. And that mention is purely conditional.

I’m wondering if this trickling out of coverage is all part of the experiment. Anyway, even though no one arrived at this party, assuming it really happened, that’s not empirical evidence to disprove the possibility of time travel.

Fun stuff.




  1. @chet: I guess I’m late to the party, or maybe I’m contributing to the FUD to keep this idea fresh and conceal the fact that time travel actually happened . . . .

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