Some Random Cool Things

For the nostalgic readers out there, I found the install disks for Windows NT 4.0 in my desk last week.


I thought it would be fun to spin up a VM for old time’s sake, but that idea will take some doing. Stay tuned.

If nothing else, I’ll keep these as a history lesson to amaze children who wonder about the Save icon or to demonstrate what a floppy disk is.

Kohler Moxie

I don’t watch many commercials, but thanks to Hulu Plus, I now know about the Kohler Moxie, a showerhead that is also a portable, Bluetooth speaker. You know, for listening to music in the shower.


Beyond my surprise that such a thing exists at all, I wondered how I had missed this gadget, given how much gadget and industrial design news I read. The Moxie is a beautiful piece of design that combines utility with luxury in a modern package.

I say utility because it’s a showerhead, and also because shower radios are a market segment, also much to my surprise. Amazon has a product category for Shower Radios with more than 250 results.

Rounding out my surprise was the lack of coverage about the Moxie, which has been on the market since late 2012. Here’s one of the few reviews I found.

Given the list price of $199, this is a niche market to be sure, but the connected home as an interest area of mine. So, I’m curious to see how devices like this evolve into the mainstream.

Speaking of, erm, speakers, one of my favorite listening gadgets, Sonos, announced the PLAY:1 today, just in time to add to my holiday wish list. I’ve had a PLAY:3 for several years, which I love, and I’ve been pondering how to justify adding another one. The PLAY:1’s price makes that justification easier.

Self-Assembling Robots

And finally, MIT is developing self-assembling robots for your amazement and possibly to haunt your dreams. So enjoy.




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