We’ve Grown

Busy times lately here at the ‘Lab. We’ve grown from a small band of three to six in the past six weeks.

Joining our happy little crew are Osvaldo, whom we were lucky to find on our adventure to Mexico, Raymond, a friend of Anthony’s from Taleo, and Tony, whom I’ve known for many years.

Our ‘Lab veterans have been road warriors lately. Earlier this week, Anthony spoke at the OTN China Tour in Beijing, showing off the Glass concept app he built, as well as the Leap Motion-controlled robotic arms he and Noel hacked together right before OpenWorld.

Noel was in Mexico, and soon, he’ll be heading to UKOUG Tech 13 to speak. His session is called “Oracle Fusion & Cloud Applications: A Platform for Building New User Experiences” at the happy hour friendly time of 17:45 on Tuesday, December 3.

If you’re attending Tech 13, drop by and say hi, or just look for Noel. He’ll be hanging around the show all week.

Anyway, I have a backlog of posts, just not a backlog of time to push them. Stay tuned.




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