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I’m cleaning up all the open tabs for the holidays, so here are some nuggets I found that may or may not be interesting.


Turkey Tweeter

Hinkmond Wong of the Java Embedded Technology team did a fun Thanksgiving project, a Turkey that tweets as it cooks.

It’s time for the Internet of Things (ioT) Thanksgiving Special. This time we are going to work on a special Do-It-Yourself project to create an Internet of Things temperature probe to connect your Turkey Day turkey to the Internet by writing a Thanksgiving Day Java Embedded app for your Raspberry Pi which will send out tweets as it cooks in your oven.

His DIY project, in six installments, is a fun read, h/t @rikang.

MIT’s Dynamic Shape Display

This is freaky cool and has enormous potential, h/t The Verge and Fast Company Design.

On Telepresence Robots

For reasons I can’t explain, I love robots. So, of course, Ars’ an in-depth review of Suitable Technologies‘ Beam telepresence robot caught my attention. We toyed with a similar idea, using the HEXBUG Spider XL, but it required a lot of hacking and other parts, namely a smartphone. I think the guys were just humoring me.

And Finally, Helvetica: The Perfume

I love this, even at $62 for 2 ounces of distilled water, h/t Kottke.




  1. Helvetica, the perfume. Love it! Who wants a Starbucks card to do usability testing anyway! OK, I gotta ask – the IFTTT url shortener – how?

  2. @Ultan: Oh right, I use IFTTT to push posts here to my personal Twitter account. I use SCM for the “official” accounts.

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