The Nymi Nears Production

Noel (@noelportugal) chatted with the Bionym guys at SXSW earlier this year, and I know I speak for all of us here in the ‘Lab when I say I’m very stoked to get my Nymi and start playing with it.

Check out Techcrunch’s writeup and demo video.

Since I can’t embed TC’s video for some annoying reason, here is ninja cat instead.

Just pretend really hard, or watch the video over at TC.

Aside from just being an end user (please Agile Bits integrate Nymi for 1Password), I’m super excited about the cool demos we can do with the wristband and the SDK. Already noodling ideas for next year’s cool demo.




  1. Interesting that it only re authenticates your ECG when you take the band off, there is no constant monitoring and authenticating. Seems like a big risk that you can remove it without it realizing it has been removed.

  2. I irdered mine a while ago too, I think they originally were saying April, hope they do make the new fall delivery date because I want to get my hands on one, or one on my hands.

  3. @David: Constant monitoring sounds like a battery drain. The demo shows a lot and leaves a lot of open questions. It looks very cool, and we are equally stoked. When they arrive, we should all have a thinking session.

  4. I ordered mine a while ago (number six thousand and four hundred and something apparently). Can’t wait to actually get it. Excited by the possibilities and can’t wait to try it out.

    This, and Nod – (also ordered).

    Now that I’ve been out-wearabled by someone with more wearables at MakerCon, it’s time to up that game, yeah! Seriously, use case exploration with this stuff is fun as well as being occassionally fruitful…

  5. @Ultan: Nod looks interesting, but I see no mention of development options or platform. Let me know how you like it.

    The woman at MakerCon rocking more wearables than you do is a data scientist at Misfit Wearables 🙂

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