OK Google, Where’s My Car?

May 15th, 2014 4 Comments

Google Now recently added a Parking Location card to help you solve the classic dude-where’s-my-car problem. According to The Verge:

The company’s Google Now assistant will now recognize when you’ve left a moving vehicle and automatically keep track of your car’s last location. There’s no magic happening here: Google does all of this using your smartphone’s bevy of sensors. It’s essentially guesswork, and the company readily admits that it may sometimes guess wrong. “You may see parking location cards even if you didn’t park your car,” the company says on a help page addressing the new feature. “For example, these cards could show up after you exit a bus or a friend’s car.”

A directionally challenged person like me will enjoy this feature. Of course, Google can get me to the parking structure, but I’ll probably still have to walk around clicking the alarm playing Marco Polo with the car.

I accidentally used this feature today when I dropped off a rental car at San Jose International Airport.


Although they have not  yet, I sincerely hope Google adds the ability to recall the Parking Location with the phrase “OK Google, where’s my car?” which would make for any number of fantastic Easter Eggs. OK, so maybe only Chet (@oraclenerd), Jeff (@thatjeffsmith) and I would enjoy them, but still, fantastic to us.

Google Now continues to impress me, and it’s becoming a necessary travel assistant.

Thoughts? Comments, find them.

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4 Responses to “OK Google, Where’s My Car?”

  1. chet Says:

    Yay! I love new things. Nice seeing that new card in there will be very well received here.

  2. Jake Says:

    @chet: And then?

  3. chet Says:

    No more and then!

  4. t25 Says:

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