Connect Adds Geolocation

Now, we know where you are . . . but only if you tell us. Yesterday, Rich completed the addition of geolocation tracking to Connect. Now, when you OraTweet your location or update your Connect status with the secret phrase “@location” followed by a place (address or city or country), Connect stores your location. And… Read More

What’s Your GPS Do?

Yesterday, I quipped: Processing “I’m at the Green Dragon” is far easier than processing “I’m at 928 SE 9th Avenue, Portland, OR”. Unless you’re a GPS device. In which case, you and your friends should have no trouble finding each other. And lo, today via Mashable, I read about Garmin and uLocate teaming up to… Read More

I Heart TripIt

So, I’m going on vacation tomorrow for a week. Keep reading if you care. Coincidentally, I’ve been messing with two travel-targeted social networks lately, so it’s fitting that my last post before a trip would be about TripIt and Dopplr, less so. These are niche networks, an ever-more common phenomenon; as horizontal social networks like… Read More