RIP Netscape Navigator

News came out over the weekend that AOL was killing Netscape Navigator. This one hits home for a certain age group, i.e. mine, since for many people, Netscape Navigator was the first window into the Interwebs. Navigator had all the important firsts in browsers, cookies, Javascript (obviously), frames, etc. It was the de facto browser,… Read More

Blast from the Past, Courtesy of DEC

By way of John Battelle, Googleblogoscoped and Waxy. DEC gives us a great prediction of things to come. Remember the DEC Alpha? It wasn’t forced to compete with unknown companies, unless you consider Intel a little company. I do like seeing the classic Mosaic browser in action. I’m reminded of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.… Read More

Internet Generation Gap

Dave Winer and Fred Wilson, along with some others (see Techmeme coverage), have been sparring about age and innovation (or lack thereof). I mentioned the age chasm with regard to privacy in my last two posts on Big Brother (1, 2), and actually had an entry in mind about the great divide between the Web… Read More