AppsLab Elves

topper.jpgMatt Topper, a friend of the AppsLab, apparently has way too much free time.

He has elfed us using the Office Max ElfYourself doodad. My wife was messing around with this application a few weeks ago, and it took her about half an hour to do one elf. So, kudos to Matt for his patience and his unwavering desire to make us look silly. My guess is it took him a couple hours. That’s dedication.

We’re taking a short hiatus from blogging, as you’ve noticed, but I expect to be back on track sometime next week. Enjoy the silence and whichever holiday you celebrate, have a good one.

Update: Topper says it took him 10 minutes while he was on a conference call.  Sweet multi-tasking. It is a heaping pile of awesome. Thanks, dude!




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