Welcome NAO

On a quiet Thursday morning, I went to our Gadget Lab at Oracle HQ and turned on the light. Inside the comfy egg shell chair sat an NAO robot, waiting for me.

NAO inside of egg-shell chair

Welcome NAO, our latest team member!

NAO is a little adorable humanoid robot created by SoftBank Robotics. It can talk, walk, and dance; it can read stories to babies; it can have a conversation with adult human……  Oh, and here is a clip of NAO practicing TaiChi – still a beginner but he managed to recover from mistakes 🙂

Its most prominent role is as a friendly companion, not a formidable machine taking over the world; and its most important trait is that it can learn new skills to help people and make you happy.

Many thanks to our friends at OTN (@OracleDevs) who have kindly to let us borrow this NAO semi-permanently. Hopefully we can train it to behave well, and be a helpful robot friend.

NAO doing salute gesture

For the next couple of weeks, I will be the pet-trainer, pet-sitter or whatever you call it, to teach NAO to perform some tricks. If you register for the OAUX Exchange during Oracle OpenWorld, you’ll be able to check out what tricks NAO has learned by then. We may also have it at the Oracle Developers Lounge at Moscone West during the week. Stay tuned for more.


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