In this post I will simultaneously have Fun With Data and Fun With Maps. I will use public APIs to turn my Isle of Alameda into a “choropleth“, a map which displays areas that are colored or patterned in relation to data. To do this I will need to find boundaries within Alameda that I… Read More

Kidnapping Data?

This is a new one for me. Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported (via Wikileaks) that hackers had compromised a Virginia state prescription web site, deleted the eight million records and replaced the home page with a ransom note. The ransom demand, $10 million. Apparently, this isn’t the first case of datanapping, which doesn’t… Read More

Data Visualizations

After a slow Twitter weekend, I stumbled across a new Twitter tool, TwittEarth, via Mashable. This is a beautiful representation of Twitter’s public timeline, similar to twittervision, but with goofy avatars in 3D. It reminds me a lot of the work stamen design has done with Digg, e.g. arc. The visualization shows how many people… Read More