Enterprise Clouds

Bit of a cloudy week with the discussion of risks earlier and now a related post on enterprise clouds. Even though I’m not a fan of the term, I suppose I’ll keep using it, like Web 2.0. It occurred to me that like a lot of consumer stuff, service-based-computing should thrive inside the corporate firewall,… Read More

My Thoughts on Wave

Rich dumped his impressions and thoughts on Google Wave yesterday. Now it’s my turn. In a weird coincidence, I heard Soundgarden’s “My Wave” earlier today and immediately thought of Friend of the ‘Lab Floyd‘s penchant for beginning his posts with song lyrics. Not sure why he’s stopped doing that, it’s a great little calling card… Read More

Had Enough Twitter Yet?

Twitter is exploding. You’ve probably seen the numbers. 1,382% comparing February 2009 with February 2008. More than 50% from January 2009 to February 2009. By all measures, that’s an insane growth rate. Mainstream media has taken note, and celebrities (and impostors) are flocking to Twitter in droves. Pun intended. Do you have a favorite celebrity… Read More