I Like Shiny Things

I really do love new stuff, especially when it comes to software and has a “developer release” or “alpha” or “beta” tag on it. I can’t help it. I’ve tried to stay away from buggy releases, but I always come back, if only to feel like I’m playing with the latest, greatest version. Are you… Read More

Ads Make Me Laugh

While we wait for the semantic web to serve up really targeted and useful ads, I, for one, continue to ignore 99% of the ads presented to me. But sometimes, they slip through, twice today in fact. Although they work pretty much all the time, Google Ads have turned up many failures in the past.… Read More

Contact Fail

Today, Rich alerted me to the fact that the Contact form (linked up there to the right) has been forwarding to the distribution list we use internally. This would be fine, except that list isn’t accessible from external addresses, meaning we never got your mail. Sorry about that; we weren’t really ignoring you. We really… Read More