Speed Matters

So, I’m back from my brief hiatus. Interestingly, traffic spiked on Friday the 4th when I posted that note. Not entirely sure why, but maybe some of you saw the post title in your readers and thought something noteworthy had happened. Sorry to disappoint. Part of the reason I took time off was to perform… Read More

What Does it Do?

So, the ongoing quest to modernize my parents took an interesting turn over the weekend. The Macbook Pro arrived at their house earlier than I expected, and I haven’t yet got them squared away with any intertubes. Thinking they might not want to wait, I suggested they unbox it and get acquainted. Then I got… Read More

Why Don’t People Update Software?

This question applies to personal software more so than IT-supported software. I understand the complexities involved with taking updates to software that IT is on the hook to support. What I don’t get is why people aren’t more vigilant with their own software, specifically browsers and O/S. Over the years, updates have become more in-your-face,… Read More

A Computer for Your Parents

This post in Forbes today, “Apple’s Secret Weapon: Your Mom” came across Techmeme a little while ago. While the post centers around Apple’s financials and quarterly earnings report due this week, it interested me because I’m currently planning to bring my parents into the now with a Macbook Pro. A few months ago, they finally… Read More

It Just Works

I’ve had a smidge of blogger’s block lately, and from experience, I know nothing gets people talking like a discussion about operating systems. With Windows 7 RC on the horizon, Snow Leopard due later this year, and Jaunty already in RC and ready to drop any day, the next year or so will be full… Read More

Miscellaneous Debris

It’s Friday. I’ve got a few items that might make a full post, but rather than squeeze blood out of a stone, I’ll resort to a miscellaneous debris post. It’s not a link post, and it’s not a full post. It’s in between somewhere. Since 1972 Josh Freese, drummer for DEVO, A Perfect Circle, Nine… Read More

New iMac, Still New to Me

Update: Turns out Best Buy, where we bought the iMac, doesn’t have the new models in stock yet, but to make room in their inventory, they’ve lowered the prices on the remaining ones by $400. They were nice enough to honor the new price and refund the difference. Win-win, since I wasn’t all that excited… Read More

Who Does Your Support?

So, I had an eventful morning. Automatic updates on my Macbook kindly let me know that there was a security update available for Tiger (yes, I’m still on Tiger). As I’ve done many times in the past, I agreed to take the update, entered my credentials and went about my morning email checking. The update… Read More

What Makes UI Good?

Thanks to a comment from Terry on my post about locking your smart phone, I’ve been digging around looking for ways to make my beloved iPhone more secure. Surprisingly or not, Apple has made it maddeningly difficult to even the simplest precautions. Terry’s comment, which I read a bit hastily, mentions changing the root password… Read More

Dropbox is Sweet

Rich pointed me at this nugget yesterday. Dropbox is a small utility that solves a major pain point you’re familiar with if you have more than one computer or you’ve ever needed to transfer files between computers. At least once a week, I have to transfer files between my machines; this is an old problem… Read More

Taking the Plunge

It’s ironic to me that D-Day for good old Windows XP is coming up on Monday, since for several months, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to dump it in favor of Ubuntu as the O/S on my work laptop. Tracking Dan’s recent jump into the Mac pond chronicled over Twitter and in his blog… Read More

Virtual Adventures

As I teased yesterday, I’ve been mucking around with virtual machines to extend my ability to test Mix. Due to the varied nature of our users’ environments, I need to find ways to install more browsers, more versions on more operating systems. Everyone knows reproducing an issue is really the best way to begin fixing… Read More