Review Recap

Will you be in the San Francisco Bay Area next week, namely Monday between 11 and 2? If so, stop by Lunch 2.0, which will be at Oracle for the first time, to mingle with AppsLab and other new web interested people. You can find details here. This should be a great chance to network,… Read More

Does Web 2.0 Lead to Laziness?

Not a day after Puneet commented that I am “able to churn out so many high quality posts so often” (his words, unsolicited), I am having writer’s block. I blame the Interwebs and Life in general for not being interesting enough today. So, in lieu of real content, I’m going to riff (tongue in cheek)… Read More

Check out Oracle Events

As Justin pointed out yesterday, unveiled a very cool 2.0 (or dare I say, 2.0+) application called Oracle Events. This is a very useful mashup of the Oracle events calendar, Google Maps (surprise!) and a combination of Siderean Seamark and Oracle’s own Secure Enterprise Search. Many of you will recognize the semantic features that… Read More