What Does it Do?

So, the ongoing quest to modernize my parents took an interesting turn over the weekend. The Macbook Pro arrived at their house earlier than I expected, and I haven’t yet got them squared away with any intertubes. Thinking they might not want to wait, I suggested they unbox it and get acquainted. Then I got… Read More

Jolicloud and Netbooks

I finally got my invite to Jolicloud Tuesday and promptly installed it on a VM for some geeky fun. I first heard about Jolicloud from Rick Turoczy, who wanted to put it on his new netbook. Jolicloud is a remixed Ubuntu distro, looks like Netbook Remix, that brings an iPhone-like O/S interface to your netbook. I don’t… Read More

Everything is a Journey

The year I started with Oracle (1996) was the year the Network Computer (NC) was announced. The NC was about a decade ahead of its time due to a number of factors, and it’s funny to me that netbooks are the latest rage. The promise of netbooks is essentially the promise of the NC, i.e.… Read More

The Future is Good Enough

Chet suggested last week that I talk about what the future will look like. So, like a good blogger, I’m recycling someone else’s thoughts. Not entirely a joke because I read this piece from PC World’s Linux Line shortly after Chet’s comment and immediately thought of his request. Definitely worth a read, and I completely… Read More