My Jaunty Adventure

So, Canonical released the latest version of the Ubuntu distro recently, Jaunty Jackalope, version 9.04. I played with Jaunty in a VM a bit when it was in alpha, and I didn’t notice many new features, compared to Intrepid, aside from the new login splash screen and the Growl-style notifications. I waited a few days,… Read More

Volunteering Geeky Skills

Yesterday was “a day on, not a day off” for many of us; then, President-elect (today, President) Obama called on Americans to serve their communities on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A friend of mine here in Portland, Nate Angell, organized a geeky volunteer day, called Day On about a week ago. The twist, this… Read More

More Ubuntu Adventures

I’ve been following a story that came out of WKOW 27 the ABC affiliate in Madison, WI. The headline WKOW uses, “Woman blames Dell for missing online classes”, doesn’t accurately reflect the crux of the issue. Slashdot boiled it down as “Woman Claims Ubuntu Kept Her From Online Classes“, and story is called “Ubuntu Causes… Read More