Going around, Coming around

The ‘Lab is quickly approaching its one-year anniversary. I plan to blog something more formal closer to the date, but this post about Salesforce.com integrating with Google Apps reminded me of why I am on the team at all. Back in late 2006, I had just moved into Jesper’s strategy organization from development, and I… Read More

Faceforce = Creepiness + Spam

I’ll start by saying what I like about Faceforce, the unofficial mashup between Salesforce.com and Facebook. It’s a great example of ad hoc collaboration between two companies in what seems to be an unofficial way. Clara Shih, an AppExchange Product Manager at Salesforce.com and Todd Perry, a software engineer at Facebook, built this integration. It’s… Read More

Google’s Backup Plan

I read today that Google Apps will soon include the features acquired from JotSpot. Not that big a surprise, but adding wikis and web site building capabilities to Google Apps will make them even more compelling in comparison to Microsoft Office. I hope Docs and Spreadsheets will be graced with these features, too. Anyway, it… Read More

Googleforce.com Coming Soon?

I can’t keep quiet anymore, so I’m whispering into the blogosphere echo chamber. I think, wait for it . . . Google’s acquisition frenzy isn’t over yet. Nothing like going out on a limb, stunning prognostication. Which company you ask, assuming you’re still reading? How about salesforce.com? How does that strike you? This isn’t a… Read More