Tweet with Care

This post features 95% more obvious than your average post, and as usual, insert Twitter disclaimer here. Obvious Point 1: Twitter is growing fast. According to Mashable (data from Compete), Twitter grew 752% in 2008 in terms of daily unique visitors, rising from about 500,000 uniques in January 2008 to 4.43 million in December. And… Read More

De-Friend Sounds Better than Remove

Mashable had a highly entertaining post earlier in the week called “12 Great Tales of De-Friending“. As social networking eases into the mainstream consciousness, awkward situations will arise, and since there’s no playbook, conventional wisdom or Miss Manners for social network interactions, stories of de-friending will continue to entertain us. Or not, depending on your… Read More

All a Twitter

Hot on the heals of news that Facebook and Twitter couldn’t agree on an acquisition deal, news broke yesterday that Twitter had purchased Values of n. So what? Values of n produces Stikkit and Sandy, two very useful and artfully designed products. According to Rael Dornfest, these services will become Twitter’s IP and will go… Read More

Another Reason to Network

The layoff parade continued this week with cuts announced by several companies. I won’t call out all the names; you can find them listed on Techmeme pretty quickly. Having been riffed twice during the dot-com era, I cringe whenever I hear about layoffs. For me, getting laid off was a lasting lesson that forever changed… Read More