Oracle on Twitter

Even as we debate the ongoing utility of Twitter and other social tools, there are still ways to get good information from social sites. One easy way to cut through the noise is to use your personal network for recommendations. Assuming you consider this blog a trusted source, I have a couple recommendations for you.… Read More

My Thoughts on Wave

Rich dumped his impressions and thoughts on Google Wave yesterday. Now it’s my turn. In a weird coincidence, I heard Soundgarden’s “My Wave” earlier today and immediately thought of Friend of the ‘Lab Floyd‘s penchant for beginning his posts with song lyrics. Not sure why he’s stopped doing that, it’s a great little calling card… Read More

Semantic Series of Tubes

The semantic web as a concept has been around for quite some time. It pre-dates, Web 2.0 in fact, even though people sometimes refer to it as Web 3.0 or some other term that denotes its place as the next-next evolution of “teh Intertubes”. Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the Internet (I know it’s funnier to… Read More

Want to Help Socialize OpenWorld?

OpenWorld is quickly approaching; it’s September 21-25, in case you don’t already know that. You’ll recall that last year, we used Twitter quite a lot to socialize, meetup and broadcast the sessions. We used Craig Cmehil‘s eventtrack side project to consolidate the tweets and other social clutter (videos, photos, etc.) into a single stream of… Read More