Who is Scott Tiger?

I guess more accurately, who is Scott, since it’s really scott/tiger. If you’re not familiar, scott used to be one of the seeded users that came with a fresh Oracle DB install. His password was tiger. Here’s the story. Bruce Scott was one of the first employees at Oracle, and his daughter had a cat… Read More

Testing is Tough

We’re currently working on a redesign for Connect, and like any project, waterfall, agile or otherwise, we have a testing phase. I’ve been designing and building software for a long time, assuming you consider mid-90s a long time, and testing has always been the toughest part of the process. I’m talking about system testing, which… Read More

Virtual Adventures

As I teased yesterday, I’ve been mucking around with virtual machines to extend my ability to test Mix. Due to the varied nature of our users’ environments, I need to find ways to install more browsers, more versions on more operating systems. Everyone knows reproducing an issue is really the best way to begin fixing… Read More