Do You Work Too Much?

Interesting article in the WSJ about a couple recent lawsuits from hourly workers who were required to perform work-related tasks during off-hours. The proliferation of broadband, laptops and smartphones have made it ridiculously easy for work to bleed into personal time, or at least time that’s not classically work-only. Add to that the fact that… Read More

Best Job in Tech?

So, Rich and Anthony are at Google I/O today, and I’m hearing everyone was blown away by Google Wave. Rich tweeted, IM’ed and finally called me to say how awesome it was. I’m now waiting to watch the hour-and-a-half demo that rocked so hard. I’m hoping Rich’s session went well. He was bummed that they… Read More

Bandwidth Policing

I’m attending WebVisions here in Portland Thursday and Friday. Good stuff so far, and very different than those mega-conferences I’m used to at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Rather than let you pine for content, here’s a taste of something new. Some of you may know that I made a guest apperance on Web Worker… Read More

Work Could be More Funner

At Web 2.0 Expo about a month ago, Rich, Paul and I all attended a fascinating session called “Children of Flickr: Making the Massively Multiplayer Social Web“. Aside from being interesting, it reenergized me on my quest to make work more fun. Then, daily operational stuff intervened. I managed to rush some thoughts onto virtual… Read More