Bring the Lightning

You may have noticed my irritation at ZDNet this week due to their borked podcast of Paul’s appearance at the Churchill Club a few weeks ago.

Everything is cool now, thanks to one Dennis Howlett.

A few things were wrong about this whole thing. First, I left a comment Monday about the podcast being borked; then two other people also commented to the same effect the next two days. No response. This perplexes me, since ZDNet is a media company, you’d think they want conversation.

Second, if had anything like this happen, it would be picked by Twitter and certain bloggers (ahem, Dennis).

So, asking Dennis, a ZDNet blogger himself, to do a solid and help me get this sorted, seemed like a logical ask. I asked over Twitter (natch), and he replied in vintage Dennis.

Well, he wasn’t kidding. This morning I woke to a note from Larry Dignan that the podcast was fixed. So, thanks to Dennis for wielding his power for good, and to Larry for his help.

In case you’re wondering, I think Dennis bears a separated at birth resemblance to Zeus. His lightning bolts are verbal though.

Anyway, thanks Dennis. Please don’t fry me.

Update 7/7/08: Another irony: I emailed Larry through the email form ZDN provides for each blogger, and he just replied today saying my mail was trapped in his junk mail folder. Another feedback fail.




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