We’re Joining WebCenter

September 29th, 2009 20 Comments

If you read here, you’ll know we got our start as a team focused on innovation within the development organization responsible for Oracle’s enterprise application product families.

Well, today we’re moving.

We are joining the WebCenter product development team, who have been a busy bunch this year, releasing Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g in July. To learn more about WebCenter, follow @oraclewebcenter or if blogs are your thing, try WebCenter TeamPeter Moskovits, and WebCenter Interaction.

With OpenWorld right around the corner, you can also get your fill of WebCenter goodness there. Check out the schedule for WebCenter and Portal at OOW here.

We’re excited for this new chapter in our history and very much looking forward to working with the WebCenter team to build awesome products. I don’t expect the content to change much here, but I’ve been wrong in the past.  We’ll play it by ear.

Feel free to high-five or otherwise in the comments.

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20 Responses to “We’re Joining WebCenter”

  1. Justin Kestelyn Says:

    Now, that makes sense!

  2. jpiwowar Says:

    Congrats, Appslab team! My last exposure to WCS was very pre-11g (late 2007?), but at the time it looked like it had serious potential. Hope you can get 1up included in a near-future release, along with some of those cool Connect features you often discuss but are thus far unavailable in a customer-facing product.

  3. pgkiran Says:


  4. Joonas Linkola Says:

    Very cool, for both teams!

  5. Jake Says:

    I think so. We're stoked to get started.

  6. Jake Says:

    Thanks. We'll see how it goes. My OOW dance card just filled up quickly 🙂

  7. Jake Says:


  8. Jake Says:

    Agreed. It makes a lot of sense.

  9. Nirmala Palaniappan Says:

    Good luck, Jake! Sounds exciting to me as well. I think Webcenter integrated with social features will occupy a nice position in the Web 2.0 market. Right now, I know Beehive is in that list and gets evaluated/compared by Web 2.0 consultants. Maybe it's too early for me to ask you but what might be the equation between Beehive and Webcenter? And what about all those BEA web 2.0 products?

  10. Jake Says:

    Thanks. Having been in Apps Development for so many years, I need to learn my way around the middleware organization. I believe some of the BEA products are part of the WebCenter Suite, but I'm not entirely sure.

    If you want more details, drop me a note.

  11. Binesh Lad Says:

    Fantastic news! I can't wait to see some AppsLab goodness in WebCenter

  12. Steven Mitchell Says:

    Welcome to the team AppsLab! I am looking forward to seeing the teams compliments to Webcenter (especially WCI)

  13. Jake Says:

    Thanks, we can't wait to get started.

  14. Jake Says:

    Thanks, should be a good time. We have to get acquainted with WC first, which is a pretty big task.

  15. Steven Mitchell Says:

    Well if you could get it approved there is training for 11g right across Europe for the next few months. A week in Germany, Spain, Italy, France or Sweden is A REALLY GREAT WAY to become acquainted with the suite 🙂

  16. Jake Says:

    Ah, if only. I think I'll stick with OOW sessions and online learning for now. I'm somewhat familiar, just need to put the pieces together and establish more depth. Good idea though, a couple weeks in Europe sounds like a great time, esp Germany in Oktober 🙂

  17. Frank Bradley Says:

    Congrats to the Appslab team. Hoping we will continue to see your great work shine from within the Webcenter team.

  18. Frank Bradley Says:

    Congrats to the Appslab team. Hoping we will continue to see your great work shine from within the Webcenter team.

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