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About a month ago, I mentioned John P’s install EBS posts over at ORACLENERD. A few other people have decided to follow along for giggles, prompting Chet (@oraclenerd) to declare a formal “EBS Challenge“.

So far, here’s who’s participating:

Interested in joining? Feel free, and let Chet and Twitter know by retweeting. Even if you’re not, you can help spread by retweeting Chet’s challenge.

Take the EBS ChallengeI like this effort a lot. It’s great experience, much like my WebCenter VM effort, and thanks to Google, the collected experiences of the participants will leave a detailed documentation set for anyone who ventures down this path in the future.

And not just documentation, but also contact information for questions.

I would join myself, but I’m resource-constrained like Chet. I may follow his lead and go with EC2 for my WebCenter install, after which, maybe I’ll install EBS too.




  1. Glad to hear it. You should let Chet know you're joining the challenge. Just drop a comment on his blog post.

    NM, I see that you've already commented on his post. Awesome.

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