HTC Aria on AT&T, Mostly Android

I have a smug desire to point out that AT&T, the primary reason a lot of people won’t buy an iPhone, has expanded its smartphone offering with another Android phone.

Namely, the HTC Aria, which runs watered down Android.

AT&T locks down Android again with HTC Aria

Yeah, I did an informal poll about reasons why people won’t buy an iPhone, and the results are higher than I expected. AT&T hurts the iPhone.

I’m smug because too many people out in the ether point to Apple as a beacon of awesomeness and corporate success. After all, when Apple’s market cap passed Microsoft’s, the entire interwebs gasped with joy.

Here’s a quick lesson. Apple has no leverage in its exclusive deal with AT&T, but AT&T can sell Android, BlackBerry, and Palm devices all the live-long day.

Old power trumps new power every single time.



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