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As I mentioned last week, Rich and Anthony were moving on from the WebCenter bookmarklet to browser extensions for sharing to WebCenter.

When Chrome extensions were first announced, I remember reading that they were enormously easier to build than Firefox add-ons. Apparently, this difference wasn’t overstated.

Yesterday, after spending a few hours on it, Anthony already had a usable Chrome extension ready to go. He reused a lot of Rich’s Javascript from the bookmarklet, and it’s not totally pristine.

But it works, after only a matter of hours.

One nice thing about Chrome extensions is they keep themselves updated, no more nagging from the add-ons manager about updates. Another nice treat is extension sync between browser installations, which was recently debuted for the developer builds, which I happen to run.

Note to self: try this feature.

So, the guys are wrapping up a quick win with Chrome. They’ll either build a Safari 5 extension next, which seems wasted to me given the terribly small number of users who could find value in this, or tackle the much more involved process of building a Firefox add-on.

Stay tuned for updates.



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