Awesome Infographic of the Market for Apps

Check out this infographic compiled and designed by Online MBA (h/t Gizmodo) depicting the total app marketplace.

I’m surprised that BlackBerry offers a better deal for developers and a larger market of addressable customers (I assume) than Apple and Android, and yet their market only has 2,800-ish apps.

Is there a caveat here, e.g. development is too hard, not all BlackBerry phones can run apps, etc. that would explain this?

Also interesting to me, how far ahead of Android Apple really is. I wonder if the draconian policies and censorship will really make a dent for developers, or is that just noise?

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  1. Perhaps the relatively small number of Blackberry apps reflects a difference between enterprise use and consumer use? While enterprise users certainly need apps, they don't necessarily need the wide plethora of apps that a consumer might obtain.

    Incidentally, I wrote a two-part series of posts last night about the smartphone market (and the dumbphone market). The second of the two posts, which discusses the most popular smartphone application platform (as noted in the infographic above), is here.

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