The OOW Ruby Quotient Rises

Last month, I blogged a plea to get out the OpenWorld Suggest-a-Session vote for Raimonds Simanovskis’ (@rsim) Ruby sessions.

And today, Tim (@planspark) announced the winners over on the OpenWorld blog.

Both Raimonds’ sessions, PL/SQL Unit Testing Can Be Fun! (S319104) and Fast Web Applications Development with Ruby on Rails on Oracle (S319119), made the cut.

So w00t for Raimonds on Ruby!

If you’re a web developer who wants to build modern web apps in Rails against a legacy Oracle data model, you must attend the web app development session, and you should probably make time for the PL/SQL unit testing one too.

Plus, you’ll definitely want to come by our session too, more on that tomorrow.

Congrats to Raimonds and all the other winners. I’m excited to see more Ruby at OpenWorld.



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