Your Turn to Be Heard

So, I’m wondering why you read here and what type of content interests you most.

The posts here vary wildly from product-specific, to our team’s work, to my musings on technology, society and related stories, to technical posts from Anthony and Rich, to humor and everywhere in between; I’m just curious to know what you find interesting and why.

That’s not to say I can guarantee more of anything, but we’ll definitely consider your opinions.

If you follow us on Twitter (@theappslab), you’ll know Rich (@rmanalan) and I push our Google Reader shared items to that stream. We read a lot (e.g. I’ve “beaten” the Google Reader game by reading more than 300,000 items), and our goal is to provide an AppsLab curated stream of the internets.

I could push those shared items here, which would increase the volume of posts, and lower the editorial quotient. Would you find that useful?

Find the comments and be heard.




  1. I don’t know if my opinion is representative, but I would prefer that you NOT push your Google Reader feeds to the blog. I prefer reading original content here.

    My main interests, as you’ve probably ascertained, are in the musings.

  2. Understood, the Reader shares would make it a bit noisy. I might have to produce multiple feeds if we go that route to avoid overwhelming the main feed.

    Glad you like the musings. I read (skim) a lot, not all of it relevant, but much of it interesting.

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