Judging You by the Online Company You Keep

Interesting piece on /. about how network analysis can learn a scary amount about you by analyzing your online relationships.

Slashdot Science Story | Judging You By the Online Company You Keep

Obviously, there are marketing implications, the holy grail of Facebook. Not to say marketing is positive, the negative implications are a bit more scary, i.e. profiling you based on your friends and their digital activity.

Of course, Facebook, dating back to its days as thefacebook.com, has long been rumored to be in cahoots with the CIA and Department of Defense.

Conspiracy theorists make the point that social networking is nothing more than a self-profiling tool, like crowd-sourced intelligence gathering.

Anyway, find the comments. This topic isn’t going away anytime soon.




  1. I preemptively apologize for any role my comments on theappslab may have in your future mortgage applications. 😉
    The Economist article you Buzzed on a related topic was also a good read, as were the zomg-this-is-illegal-or-at-least-scary-are-we-sure-we-can’t-say-it’s-illegal? comments: http://www.economist.com/node/16910031

  2. Yeah, I have that open in a tab to read. It’s referenced in the /. post too. Need to find time to read it. Don’t worry about apologizing. I might need to apologize to you, e.g. the ORACLENERD shot, mug in hand 🙂

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