David McCandless on the Beauty of Data Visualization

Submitted for your entertainment, a TED talk by David McCandless, (@infobeautiful) who pens one of my favorite data visualization blogs, Information is Beautiful.

David does a great job explaining succinctly why we love data visualizations; they solve the information overload problem everyone has by exposing patterns and connections immediately.

Obviously, visualizing data is not a new profession. However, like many things democratized by the intertubes, it has become increasingly accessible, e.g. David only began his adventures in information beautifying a year ago.

I love data visualizer as a new profession. It’s a great combination of designer, hacker, statistician, mathematician, detective, showman and artist. I’ll bet a lot of web designers will migrate into data visualization as the tools and data sets become more standard.

Anyway, your thoughts on any of this belong in the comments.




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