More Fun with Volume Controls

If you thought this piece on the lies we’re told by volume and battery indicators, this will be up your alley.

Behold, the Ubuntu 10.10 volume control.

Anything strike you as odd?

Maybe this is a subtle h/t to a certain number to which all volume controls aspire?

For fun, I slide past 100%, and sure enough, the volume got louder. Good stuff.




  1. The placement of the “mute” control is interesting. Logically, “mute” would fall at the quieter end of the sound spectrum, but presumably the “mute” control was placed at the louder end because someone who turned the volume to a louder setting may want to immediately rectify his/her action.

    Or is this an acknowledgment that if you turn the volume up TOO high, you will be rendered deaf (the permanent “mute” button)?

    A comprehensive list of items that refer to an excessively loud volume can be found in this Wikipedia section. Hardware, software, show references, and other items are all included.

  2. Interesting point about the mute placement. Apple puts it to the right as well. I suppose it might also be to the right bc theoretically, sliding to the left all the way also mutes, making a control on that side potentially duplicate.

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