Lowered Expectations, Mobile Edition

Interesting question for you. If Android and iOS died in a terrible accident, what smartphone/tablet OS would you buy?

Would it be BlackBerry 6.0 with the slick PlayBook and its required BlackBerry phone tether? Or maybe one of the sleek new webOS devices from HP? Or are you stoked for the Nokia Windows Phone 7 offerings?

I haven’t used any of these OSes, so the Lowered Expectations bit really applies to taking away the top three players, i.e. Symbian, Android and iOS. Yes, there’s some debate about the exact positioning, and I suppose I’m taking a liberty by saying that the absence of these would create lowered expectations.

But still, a valid question.

I’ve heard good things about webOS, dating back to its infancy at Palm, so I’d probably go that route.

I suppose another question is does the OS even matter to you, or would you cast your vote with a carrier and what they offered?

Handicapping the race for third, when Symbian slips into oblivion, which OS do you see taking that spot? Could any of these three leapfrog iOS or Android?

Mobile got a lot more interesting last week, and as the Mobile Web Congress progresses this week, I’d expect more interesting news, albeit not as market-shaking as the Nokia bombshell.

Apologies to those of you who don’t recall the classic SNL bit (Update: Sorry, MadTV not SNL), Lowered Expectations, and to those of you who really love WP 7, webOS, and BlackBerry.

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