Stuff You Stick on Your Phone

I rocked a hard shell case on my original iPhone, and for a while, on my EVO.

The added form factor always embarrassed my design sensibilities, something Paul (@ppedrazzi) and Rich (@rmanalan) wouldn’t suffer, but the utility provided by a case outweighed the alternative.

I did discover the alternative one day last Summer when I instinctively kicked my EVO as it fell out of my pocket. Kicked it about 20 feet, bouncing along the asphalt.


Anyway, check out this gallery gadgets that attach to your svelte phone.

Stuff that You Stick on Your iPhone Steadily Getting Bigger – Core77

Aside from Square, which I’m still dying to use, these are all new to me. Individually, they all add cool functionality to the phone, like a hardware app, but they also add messy form factor.

Each device is individually quite neat, but when combined with the phone, the result is a Frankenphone.

I can’t decide if they bother me or not. Thoughts?




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