Hello Loosely Coupled Friday

Here are a few loosely coupled items that caught my eye today.

More App Store Economics: Case Study of 10M download game, monetized through ads. How much money?

The answer is $30,000-ish for serving 108 million ads. This is probably why Android developers everywhere are ecstatic to see in-app purchases will launch next week.

Speaking of Android developers, some are making millions, although not via ads.

Another Android tidbit is a confirmed rumor from BlackBerry that the soon-to-be-released PlayBook tablet will run Android apps in a VM. I’ll call this a push for my 2011 prediction that BlackBerry would go Android.

From the PlayBook reviews, it seems there will be wifi option, but that for email and calendaring, a separate BlackBerry device will be required. I don’t really get how that’s a good idea.

And finally, a Facebook item. They’re testing real-time ad-serving based on status updates (h/t Gizmodo). At first blush, this sounds like what Google has been doing in GMail since its inception, and nothing new, since Facebook has been serving ads based on your content all along.

Both models frequently produce hilarity.

Upon further review, this is a bit different because it’s real-time and based less on keywords, more on sentiment and the aggregate that Facebook has collected about you.

Sounds creepy.

Anyway, this is a lazy post, but I’m going away for a bit and wanted to leave you with something.




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