Daily Metrics Surprise: Dropbox Files Trump Tweets

We love Dropbox. You should too if you use multiple Interwebs-connected devices and have ever wanted to transfer files.

While I was away on baby leave, Dropbox announced some great metrics.

Dropbox Rockets To 25M Users, More Daily Files Than Tweets On Twitter | Fast Company

This is great news for an awesome service that thrives quietly under the radar. Twitter blows its own horn quite frequently, so it’s a bit humorous to see that Dropbox actually moves more files in any given day than Twitter has tweets.

This metric also points to what really makes the connected world tick.

Rock on Dropbox.




  1. We use it all the time at home. Have a mac downstairs, and PC upstairs. Don’t know how to network them, so use dropbox to share files. Plus I use it as another easy way to back stuff up. Have stuff on my PC, backed up on dropbox, and then the same files propagate to the mac via dropbox, and the time machine as well via that. I like the idea of it getting more use than twitter, or, as well put by you: “thrives quietly under the radar”.

  2. Networking the two isn’t terribly difficult, but that’s not really the point 🙂 Dropbox circumvents the learning process by making something dead simple that does even more. I’ve contemplated automating backups there, but my biggest use for Dropbox is for the 1Password store.

    As Ultan says, Dropbox is one of the top five apps I install on any new mobile device, along with 1P.

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